Brighter Smiles Campaign 2019

What’s better than brighter teeth? How about professional teeth whitening at a 50% discount! Starting May 1 and running through June 30, Kemple Clinic is partnering with local dental offices to provide high quality, in-office teeth whitening services to patients for just $200. Getting your beautiful, bright smile is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact your dentist office and find out if they are participating during May or June.
  2. Schedule your whitening appointment as soon as possible.
  3. Make your check out to Kemple Clinic and your dentist will send it to the clinic.

Result: Flash that beautiful, white smile and know your participation created a healthy smile for a local child!

The Brighter Smiles Campaign is a great chance to brighten your smile for weddings, graduations, family reunions, or just because you deserve a pearly white smile. All funds support Kemple Clinic’s work to bring preventative and/or critical dental care to our community’s uninsured, underinsured and underserved kids and young adults. And that means brighter smiles for all!

2019 Brighter Smiles Campaign: Participating Dentists


Dr. Bradley Burket
Dr. Mark Jensen
Dr. Tran Quach-Miller
Dr. Greg Lee
Bend Dental Group-
Dr. Jeff Johnson
Dr. Tyler Schultze
Dr. Katherine Stahrr
Dr. Gabrielle Weishoff
Bend Family Dentistry-
Dr. Brad Hester
Dr. Gregg Jones
Dr. Roxane Kotzin
Dr. Gabrielle Weishoff
Cornerstone Family Dentistry-
Dr. Yoli Di Giulio
Deschutes Dental-
Dr. Phillippe Freeman
Dr. Cody Negrete
East Bend Dental-
Dr. Kelli Fowles
Dr. Taylor Fowles
Dr. Mary Kate Grady
Shevlin Dental Center-
Dr. David Cauble
Dr. Matt Falkenstein
Timm Family Dentistry-
Dr. Jeff Timm
Dr. Andy Timm
Dr. Ryan Timm
River Park Family Dentistry-
Dr. Ben Grieb
West River Dental-
Dr. Dennis Holly


Dr. Marci Aplin-Scott
Dr. Mark Keener
Dr. Jed Keener
Dr. Brandon Turley
Coppertop Dental-
Dr. Evan Olson
Redmond Dental Group-
Dr. Max Higbee
Dr. Dane Smith
Rimrock Dental of Redmond–
Dr. Jade Cherrington


Dr. Tom Rheuben
Sisters Dental-
Dr. Trevor Frideres
Dr. Greg Everson


LaPine Dental-
Dr. Stephen Allen

Central Oregon dental professionals, we want you to get involved! To take part in the 2019 Brighter Smiles Campaign, just click here to contact us at Already signed up? Great, and thank you! Be sure to promote your practice’s involvement by using the Brighter Smiles Campaign tool kit, created just for you:

Printable PDF of 8.5×11 Poster – Download

Printable PDF of 4-up Campaign Fliers – Download

Facebook Cover Photo Graphic – Download

Kemple Clinic Brighter Smiles Campaign 2019