What populations did you serve and who is going to serve them now?

Since 1998 we have served at risk youth (uninsured, underinsured, underserved) ages 3-25. With the implementation (2017) and extension (2019) of “Cover all Kids” legislation (immigrant children eligible for OHP), qualified families can now sign up for OHP insurance, be assigned to a Dental Care Organization, and obtain dental care from various OHP dentists and clinics, including Mosaic. Kemple Clinic was serving these same populations as a non-profit service to the community at no cost to families. After 22 years, the gaps in service to at risk youth have all but closed and there are more effective and reimbursable dental services available to at risk populations in Central Oregon. In fact, with the 2020-2023 Central Oregon Regional direction/goals for ensuring the integration of medical and dental care, Mosaic Clinic’s services will seamlessly create the continuity of care that families need.

Why is Kemple Clinic closing its doors?

From the inception of the volunteer dental programs in 1962, to the formal establishment of volunteer-based Kemple Clinic in 1998, the gaps in dental services for at-risk youth in Central Oregon were significant. Over the past ten years, our region has established many dental service models that have continued to close the gaps in services, and organizations that will serve the dental needs of at-risk youth. With the recent expansion of dental services at Mosaic locations to serve the needs of at-risk youth, the gaps in services to our target service group have been closing, which is a positive development! Very few children and young adults will need the services of Kemple Clinic since there are many ways to obtain the services we provided. And, more importantly, efforts in our region to ensure more integration of medical and dental services is a healthy initiative that can be best fulfilled by integrated clinics and dental care organizations.

What organization(s) will take on the free in-school and community dental screenings previously conducted by Kemple Clinic?

In Central Oregon, we have already transferred responsibility to Advantage Dental for most of the school districts. We are completing our last year of this service to school district (Sisters) and various community service organizations. Advantage Dental will serve the portable screen and seal programs throughout our region.

How long will you receive telephone calls requesting service?

Our current plan is to have staff available until the end of June 2020. We are currently scheduling appointments through the end of June 2020.


Going forward, what are my options for dental care for my child?

a. If your child has Oregon Health Plan-OHP insurance, he/she is eligible for dental care.
Mosaic Medical: www.mosaicmedical.org 541-383-3005
Advantage Dental: www.advantagedentalservices.com 866-268-9631
Capitol Dental: www.capitoldentalcare.com 800-525-6800
ODS Community Dental: www.odscommunitydental.com 800-342-0526
ii. Make an appointment with your assigned OHP dentist arrange for your semi- annual cleaning appointment

b. If you do not have insurance, but believe your child is eligible for OHP insurance:
i. Review OHP’s eligibility requirements here https://www.oregon.gov/oha/HSD/OHP/Pages/Apply.aspx
i.i. Contact agencies who can sign you up for OHP insurance https://healthcare.oregon.gov/Pages/find-help.aspx ) including:
Mosaic Bend, 2084 NE Professional Court, Bend 541-383-3005
Mosaic Redmond, 1250 SW Veterans Way, Ste 120, Redmond 541-383-3005
Mosaic Prineville, 375 NW Beaver St, Ste 101, Prineville 541-383-3005
Mosaic Madras 850 SW 4th St, Ste 101, Madras 541-383-3005
Latino Community Assoc., 2445 NE Division St, Ste 200, Bend 541-382-4366
Latino Community Assoc., 412 SW 8th St., Redmond 541-382-4366
Latino Community Assoc., 116 SE D St, Madras 541-325-6837
Crook County Health Dept., 375 NW Beaver St, #100 Prineville 541-447-5165
i.i.i. Get with your assigned Dental Care Organization-DCO (Advantage, Capitol, ODS) for recall appointment. See the contact information listed above.

c. If you do not sign up for OHP insurance and are uninsured:
i. Mosaic Medical accepts all patients including those without insurance. They believe in quality care for all and strive to minimize financial barriers for their patients when it comes to receiving healthcare. Mosaic offers a Sliding Scale discount program to all patients regardless of whether they are insured, uninsured, or under-insured patients. If eligible, patients may qualify for free or reduced healthcare, INCLUDING DENTAL, even if they currently have health insurance.

d. If you have established a dental care relationship with a local dentist.
i. Continue to contact them for dental care. However, you will need to pay for your dental services.

I was referred by Kemple Clinic to a local dentist for dental care. May I call that dentist and become their patient?

Most of the dentists that participated in our referral programs in the past provided treatments as a “pro bono”, one-time event, with potential for a follow-up appointment to complete that dental work if needed. If you have established a relationship with that dentist, you are free to contact him or her, understanding that services will be billed to you if you do not have insurance.

In the past I have received a call from Kemple Clinic reminding me of my 6 month/annual dental exam. What will happen now?

We are currently scheduling dental appointments thru June for those on our recall list. Please contact Kemple Clinic if your child is due for a dental visit. You are responsible for coordinating with your new dental clinic and arranging for a regularly scheduled recall set up.

After Kemple Clinic closes, who should I contact if my child has a dental issue?

If you have OHP, you should contact your DCO and/or assigned dental office. If you are an uninsured, low income family, please contact Mosaic Medical at www.mosaicmedical.org 541-383-3005.

I am an uninsured young adult (19-25) and relied on Kemple Clinic for my dental preventative care. Who should I turn to now?

You will need to contact Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), Mosaic Medical, or COCC Dental School and they will work with you to find a source of qualified, regular dental care.
VIM: 541-330-9001
Mosaic Medical: 541-383-3005
COCC Dental School: Contact Deschutes County Health Dept 541-322-7400


I recently made a monetary donation to Kemple Clinic. What is going to happen to those funds?

All donations/funds received during this fiscal year will be effectively and wisely spent as allocated by June 30, 2020 (the end of the transition period).

What does Kemple Clinic plan to do with its dental equipment and excess dental supplies?

Mosaic Medical will be the non-profit recipient of our equipment, instruments, supplies, etc. in July and will manage a newly established Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Fund with any remaining funds from our reserve, dedicated to supporting at-risk and underserved children’s dental needs.

What entity will occupy Kemple Clinic’s physical space after the organization closes?

The Deschutes Children’s Foundation manages several facilities across Central Oregon.
They will determine who will become the new occupants.