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Invisible Braces Are The Second Most Popular Bite Correction Method In Adults

Invisible Braces Are The Second Most Popular Bite Correction Method In Adults

Do you know how long the treatment of malocclusion with braces can take? Up to five years! Naturally, not everyone is satisfied with wearing a foreign, well-visible and outwardly not very attractive design during all this time. Moreover, in the most conspicuous place. For patients with increased requirements for aesthetics, we are ready to offer a special device for correcting malocclusion: invisible braces.

Invisible lingual braces are placed on the inner side of the dentition and are therefore visible only when the mouth is very wide open. And if the treatment of malocclusion with ordinary braces can no longer be called some kind of exotic – this method is very common and widely practiced in dental practice, then  invisible braces are still considered a very unusual device .

An alternative to them can be only plastic, ceramic and sapphire braces. But the former are not strong enough and durable, and the latter and the third are very expensive. Lingual braces do not suffer from these drawbacks, although they have their own: discomfort in the oral cavity during the adaptation period, diction is impaired in a number of patients – all these problems disappear on their own within the first 2 weeks of wearing the system, following addiction.


Invisible braces  are not a separate type of design. This is a whole class of braces sorted into two large categories:

lingual, or internal braces, which are fixed from the side of the tongue and are completely invisible due to this from the side

ceramic vestibular braces, which are located on the outside of the teeth and are plastic, ceramic and sapphire. It uses the technology of masking the braces to match the color of the teeth, which makes them less noticeable (but still quite visible upon closer examination).

Different invisible braces differ from each other not only in design, but also in price. The cheapest option would be a plastic ceramic vestibular bracket. The most expensive and effective (both in terms of durability and aesthetics) is sapphire. Sapphire braces are a kind of ceramic braces. The differences are in the structure of the material: a ceramic bracket is made on the basis of a polycrystalline material, and sapphire braces are based on a monocrystalline one.

The disadvantage of plastic is its ability to change its color over time (this happens under the influence of food colors, juices, tea, coffee and cigarette smoke). Insufficiently high strength, coupled with a gradual change in the initially ideal color, leads to frequent visits to the dentist: for replacement, correction, restoration of individual braces.

Many clinics in Moscow offer the possibility of installing all types of invisible braces. At your service are highly qualified specialists from Europe, experts in aesthetic dentistry, for whom the very concept of “dental treatment” sounds like “complete correction of the bite and restoration of the attractiveness and aesthetics of a smile.”


Are braces and a smile incompatible like genius and villainy? Not at all – rather the opposite, when it comes to the Incognito system. Its name is not just a beautiful Latin word, it fully corresponds to the technology: lingual, that is, hidden braces are absolutely inaccessible to the prying eye.

The advantages of the Incognito lingual system are obvious:

  • maximum accuracy and structural strength;
  • reliable fixation;
  • absolutely safe materials suitable for all age groups;
  • short adaptation period after installation;
  • shorter wearing period compared to previous generation systems;
  • elimination of aesthetic and physical discomfort.

Manufacturing features

The principle of manufacturing the Incognito bracket system is computer modeling of each element in accordance with the peculiarities of the structure and location of the tooth, on which it will subsequently be fixed. That is why, after bracketing, diction, if it changes, is very insignificant and recovers quickly enough.   

Orthodontic rings and bows are custom designed to provide optimal tensile force and only where it is needed, so the effect becomes noticeable after a few months. For comparison, previous generations of braces required a much longer wearing period, the period of which was sometimes calculated in years.


The first step towards a charming smile is an orthodontist consultation. A qualified specialist will perform all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and then prescribe an effective, tailored bite correction plan for you.

Further – a matter of technology, moreover, high-precision and ultra-modern technology:

1. Silicone impression of the dentition;

This is an exact impression of the dentition, from which the specialist creates a working model.

2. Creation of an individual model of a bracket system using 3D computer modeling (the process is robotic, so the probability of the slightest inaccuracy is completely excluded);

3. Casting of braces in accordance with the created model and making arcs to compensate for the difference in the size of the teeth;

4. Installation of the system on the inner (lingual) surface of the dentition and fixation with the latest generation of orthodontic glue.

The Incognito Light technology has been developed especially for patients wishing to eliminate minor misalignment of the anterior teeth – just a few braces are fixed exclusively in the areas to be corrected. This method eliminates not only unnecessary stress on the teeth, but also additional costs.

Care of incognito lingual braces

Compared to conventional braces , lingual braces require additional maintenance, but this does not at all mean the need for complex manipulations. The orthodontist will certainly provide all the recommendations, which will not be difficult to follow, especially since today there is a whole arsenal of appropriate devices at the service of braces wearers: special toothbrushes, brushes, dental floss, rinses and many other useful and convenient things.

Where to install the lingual bracket system?

European quality dental care is available to Muscovites without leaving the Russian capital: you can become the owner of a luxurious smile worthy of shining from the covers of the most popular glossy magazines by contacting the FDC – French Dentistry clinic in Moscow.

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