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Thanks to modern aesthetic dentistry, patients can now say goodbye to unaesthetic and uncomfortable braces. Invisible or clear aligners are available today that work in the same way as braces. At the same time, invisible tooth aligners do not interfere with patients, without creating inconvenience when smiling, eating and speaking.

What are invisible tooth aligners?

Clean aligners are mostly removable dental straighteners made of transparent materials. An interesting fact about invisible aligners is that the idea did not come from dental experts, but from a patient who happened to be an engineer and did not like the many visits to the dentist for orthodontic treatment . He invented the Invisalign Clear aligners using the latest CAD / CAM systems.

How do invisible aligners work?

Transparent or invisible braces are transparent plastic structures that are somewhat reminiscent of dental protectors. They are worn over the teeth and are designed to apply controlled forces to the teeth to gradually move and align in the correct direction. Typically 16 to 30 sets of numbered rows are made and handed over to the patient in the same sequence. Each leveler will last for about two weeks.

How is the treatment with pure levelers going?

Clinical examination . Before starting treatment with clear braces, your dentist will first conduct a detailed clinical examination to make sure you are suitable for an orthodontic treatment with removable braces. In addition, the dentist will also evaluate the X-rays of your teeth and examine the models to prepare a comprehensive treatment plan.

Making removable aligners : A digital impression of your upper and lower teeth will be made, which will then be used to prepare a digital design of clean aligners. The design is done in such a way that the staples will generate forces, which in turn will align the teeth.

Replacing old levelers after two weeks: Each set of clean levelers is usually worn for about two weeks. Subsequently, new aligners are designed to accommodate the new position of the teeth and to continue to force the teeth to move to their normal position. Thus, the treatment continues until the desired results are achieved.

Maintaining the orthodontic treatment : after successfully straightening the teeth, there is always the possibility that the teeth can return to their previous position. To prevent this, patients are provided with specially designed removable retainers to keep their teeth straight . In addition, the last used clean levelers can also function as anchors.

Benefits of transparent brackets

Invisibility: Since they are simple transparent plastic shells, they are not visible except for very close examination. Thus, they are superior in aesthetics to both metal and ceramic braces.

Improved Oral Hygiene: Because clean aligners can be removed while sleeping, eating and brushing your teeth, they offer improved oral hygiene compared to fixed braces.

Convenience: they are quite comfortable and, unlike metal braces, do not injure or damage the soft tissues of the oral cavity during use.

Maintainability: In case the set of clean levelers is accidentally lost or damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new one.

Removal and wearing: The patient can easily remove and don the aligners and clean them if necessary.

Reverse side of clean levelers

Despite their many advantages, clean levelers also have several disadvantages:

Expensive: Clear braces are significantly more expensive than metal, ceramic, or lingual braces.

Training required: Not all dentists can provide treatment with clean aligners. They need to be trained before they can offer this service.

Cannot be used in severe cases. Clean levelers are not effective in severe cases. These cases are usually treated with traditional dental braces.

So, here are your chances of getting your dream smile without having to wear those awkward and ugly metal braces. Visit our dentist and orthodontist today to discuss aligning your teeth with clear, removable braces.

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