An Anniversary Message

In 1962, Dr. HM Kemple, along with local volunteer dentists, Bend Jaycees, St. Charles Hospital and school superintendent R.E. Jewel, opened a clinic at Reid School to provide dental work for children whose families could not afford it. Dr. Kemple retired in 1998 and expanded that vision by converting the clinic to what is known today as Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic: Central Oregon’s only non-profit clinic providing dental services for at risk children and young adults. We are grateful to these pioneers and we are honored to continue their good work. Please read on for a special anniversary message from Dr. Kemple’s daughter, Kathleen.

As you, the Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic, take a look back at your 20 year history, I too have taken a look back at my childhood and young adult days living with my father. His positive impactful influence on my life lives on to this day. Each time I fill my fountain pen with green ink, I think of him. His choice of purposefully using green for putting pen to paper was constant and symbolic. He would say, “It stands for GO – green light, optimism, pressing forward with purpose .” As you all know so well, he was able to create a legacy of service to humanity due to his complete embodiment of head, heart and hands. Green ink is a small piece of the foundation, but it is a tangible and lasting reminder. I thank all of you for your on-going energy and dedication to my father’s legacy – he deserves the tribute and those you serve deserve and need the care.

With much gratitude,
Kathleen Kemple Adams


We improve the health and well-being of children in Central Oregon by providing critical preventative, educational and dental treatment services for children whose families cannot access basic dental care. We do this through our dental clinic facility, screen and seal program events at local schools and community partner organization venues, with subsequent follow-up and referrals to volunteer dental professionals as needed. We provide portable preventative dental services to children and young adults regardless of insurability at various convenient locations. Kemple Clinic advocates for all children in need of timely, high quality dental care.


Childhood dental disease is eradicated in Central Oregon resulting in the improved health and well-being of children and young adults in our community thus creating a strong, healthy workforce and a vibrant economy.


Dr. H.M. Kemple, a long-time Bend resident and dentist, had a goal; to ensure all children in the community had access to quality dental care. In 1998 he put his plan into action by opening the doors of The Kemple Clinic, a place where Deschutes County children get the dental care they need at no cost to their families. Dr. Kemple spent countless hours raising funds and collaborating with schools and other community partners to continually grow Kemple Clinic’s services, reach and positive impact. Dr. Kemple passed away in 2007, but Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic is thriving thanks to its dedicated board, volunteers, donors and staff. To this day, Kemple Clinic strives to support that mission by providing free, high quality, on-site dental treatments to at-risk youth, ages 3-25. We offer these uninsured, underinsured and/or underserved individuals free, full-service dental hygiene appointments at the Kemple Clinic Bend facility. For acute dental needs, Kemple works with over 70 volunteer dentists to deliver urgent and critical dental treatment services to these at-risk individuals. Beginning 2013, Kemple Clinic implemented comprehensive Screen & Seal Programs: convenient dental screenings, fluoride and sealant applications, and preventative education in non-traditional dental settings at community locations throughout Central Oregon. Kemple is the only non-profit in the region that provides these services, because it believes that improving the health and well-being of all children and young adults in the community creates a strong, healthy workforce and a vibrant economy.