Community Oral Health Advocate

We work closely with our referral agencies and partners to facilitate dental care for all, particularly those in exigent oral health situations.   We pride ourselves in our ability to help family members navigate through the often difficult access to care processes.   These services are available to all children and young adults needing timely, high-quality dental care regardless of insurability.

Our partnership with dental providers over the years provides us with the unique opportunity to assist families who are having difficulty getting in to see their dentist, ensuring quick response and follow-up on at risk situations.  These situations are handled on a case-by-case basis upon referral from any school, clinic, or other community organizations.  Families who experience perceived roadblocks to dental care, lack of understanding of the processes, deal with language barriers, have income restrictions, and need interventions to assist them in working through any of these issues are referred to Kemple Clinic for help.  Since 1998 we have been providing this “navigation” service to the community, developing a keen awareness of the various dental needs of children and young adults, the available community services/providers and insurance coverages in support of those needs, and facilitating solutions when current practices fail to ensure timely, high quality dental care.   Kemple Clinic also is very active in the regional and state-wide approaches to improving oral health in general, leading the Central Oregon Oral Health Coalition, participating in the Central Oregon Regional Health Improvement Planning process at various levels, and providing Central Oregon Dental Society with updates and opportunities to participate across the oral health spectrum.  We administer the annual National Children’s Dental Health Month – Give Kids a Smile campaign in February for the region.  Our collaboration with Volunteers in Medicine for dental care of young adults is an initial step towards achieving coordinated managed care by integrating medical, behavioral and oral health needs of the individual.