Community Outreach – Oral Health Education and Awareness

Our programs are customized to fit the needs of all types of organizations:  schools, school health programs, community services, health clinics, faith-based organizations, etc.  Our goal is to provide age appropriate oral health information broadly and specifically, based on the request and requirements.  These services are available to all community organizations to assist them in integrating oral health into their various programs and services.

Our Community Outreach programs are created for various community organizations and are free of charge. These customized programs are supportive of our efforts to build strong community awareness of oral health problems, solutions and positive outcomes.  They reflect a broad and deep understanding of the dental needs of our community and rely upon our ability to provide a wide range of combined oral health services with a cadre of volunteer professionals across our region. We design and deliver programs that are targeted, informal or formal, age appropriate and easy to administer. Our programs range from very simple to very comprehensive.  At one end of the spectrum we provide informal interactions such as distributing handouts on dental facts, techniques, hints and age-appropriate activity books as well as hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc.).   At the other end of the spectrum, formal lectures/classes/learning labs are conducted by dental professionals with children, parents, young adults that use a variety of educational techniques and materials that are designed to fit the situation.

As a proud affiliate of National Children’s Oral Health Foundation-America’s ToothFairy, Kemple Clinic (and our NCOHF certified Hygienists) has access to a significant database of proprietary education materials specifically designed for children and their families. The NCOHF Youth Programs – “My Smile Matters- A Youth Movement” inspire us to broaden our outreach to groups such as Girls Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, Middle and High School Service groups, school health classes, etc.  Kemple Clinic utilizes America’s ToothFairy programs to incentivize youth organizations to integrate oral health education materials into existing peer and cross age health mentoring programs and to use these techniques in support of healthy living initiatives for children and older youth.  Since its inception, America’s ToothFairy has helped to improve the lives of millions of children through quality compassionate treatment, preventative and educational services.  Find out more about these programs

Kemple Clinic collaborates with the COCC Dental Assistant Program and other career programs, providing supervised practice and volunteer opportunities in our facility as well as during our Screen & Seal Program events

Through these education efforts, new partnerships, collaborations and exposures have surfaced many opportunities to reach families across our region, providing them with the knowledge and skills to achieve excellent oral health with a focus on regular preventative care – thus greatly reducing the risk of suffering the long term physical, emotional and financial problems associated with tooth decay. We are always interested in new techniques to reach children and young adults in group situations where healthy living awareness will create a life-time of good oral health habits, school success and an improved quality of life.  Contact us directly at the Clinic Office and we can discuss your needs and provide solutions to integrate oral health into your event, classroom, curriculum, health fair, orientation, etc.