Screen & Seal Programs

These programs deliver portable, preventative dental services (screening, fluoride varnish, sealant applications and oral health instruction) in a variety of non-traditional dental settings across Central Oregon.  Examples of these community venues are:  school sites, health fairs, Boys & Girls Clubs, community health centers, Latino Community Association, relief nurseries, etc. These services are provided to all children and young adults, regardless of insurability.

In recent years, communities across the nation have invested in more convenient delivery of preventative dental care and education.  With the availability of portable services, tools & equipment  and the deployment of an expanded practice hygiene workforce, dental treatments are readily available to be delivered in non-traditional dental settings (i.e., outside of a dentist office).  This practice has proven to be a nation-wide, evidence-based approach to preventative dentistry.  In 2013, Kemple Clinic developed and implemented this capability across the Central Oregon community. Various school and community “Champions” throughout the region collaborate with Kemple Clinic to provide these services where families/children/young adults can conveniently gather. We annually serve over 4000 children/young adults in various Central Oregon school district locations and another 1000 children/young adults in various community venues.

Screen & Seal programs are conducted at convenient sites (schools, churches, health clinics, and other community venues).  Screen & Seal program events at the venue are customized and vary in complexity:  they can be as simple as basic dental assessment (screening) and oral health instruction encounters.   The events can also be expanded to include, with parental consent, the application of fluoride and/or sealants at the event site. A team of Kemple Clinic staff and volunteer dental professionals conduct these events which can process/assess large groups of children and young adults – up to 500 per day.   All events include follow-up processes, including providing a “report card” (basic screening assessment) to the parent,  school/community organizations providing follow-up and referrals as needed, and Kemple Clinic follow-up on the underinsured, uninsured, and underserved children in need of timely, high-quality dental care. These screenings provide a basic dental assessment using a 3 point scale to surface good oral health vs. potential oral health issues.  This does not take the place of the semi-annual dental visits where a complete exam takes place and hygiene services are delivered.  The Screen & Seal events are staffed in partnership with the requesting community organization – parents, school personnel, school nurses, FANs, and other community volunteers help to keep the event running smoothly.  Key outcomes of these S&S events result in a positive experience in a familiar, safe environment and a new awareness of the importance of smile care, with hands on training on how to brush, floss and maintain excellent oral health.   Parent Report Cards (Basic Dental Assessment), provided for each child are stimulating school and family conversations focused on the importance of good oral hygiene and reinforcing the need for regular visits to the family dentist.

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