Kemple Memorial Children’s Dental Clinic is the only non-profit in Central Oregon that provides a variety of on-site and off-site preventative dental education, assessment and care, with resultant referrals and follow-up for required acute dental treatments for children and young adults (ages 3 thru 25)

Dental Clinic Services

The primary function of our clinic facility is to provide regular dental hygiene visits (screening, oral health instruction, cleanings, x-rays, fluoride varnish, sealant applications, risk assessment, etc.). If additional dental treatments are needed, our referral and follow-up services are deployed. These treatments are provided for the uninsured, underinsured and underserved children and young adults at no charge.

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Screen & Seal Programs

These programs deliver portable, preventative dental services (screening, fluoride varnish, sealant applications and oral health instructions) in a variety of non-traditional dental settings across Central Oregon.  Examples of these community venues are:  school sites, health fairs, Boys & Girls Clubs, community health centers, Latino Community Association, relief nurseries, etc. These services are provided to all children and young adults, regardless of insurability.

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Community Oral Health Advocate

We work closely with our referral agencies and partners to facilitate dental care for all, particularly those in exigent oral health situations.   We pride ourselves in our ability to help family members navigate through the often difficult access to care processes.   These services are available to all children and young adults needing timely, high-quality dental care regardless of insurability.

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Community Outreach – Oral Health Education and Awareness

Our programs are customized to fit the needs of all types of organizations:  schools, school health programs, community services, health clinics, faith-based organizations, etc.  Our goal is to provide age appropriate oral health information broadly and specifically, based on the request and requirements.  These services are available to all community organizations to assist them in integrating oral health into their own various programs and services.

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